I am a Product Designer experienced in concept validation, UX research, prototype testing, and designing for SaaS.

I design for Jungle Minds since
september 2021

element of samsung e-store UI

Improving Samsung's e-store
buying journey

2022 @ Jungle Minds

mockup with prototype

Multi-source energy tracking
concept validation

2021-2022 @ Jungle Minds

SUMM dashboard on desktop and phone

Product and communication
designfor SUMM

2021-2022 @ Jungle Minds

browser window enty.io landing page

scroll down ->

Website design
for Enty


browser window mariokim.com website

scroll down ->

Website design
for Mario Kim



My name is Alexander – Sasha for short.

I am a UX designer of Russian origin, based in Amsterdam. I have experience in concept development and validation, UX research, prototype testing, and SaaS product design.

I have a backround in advertising, public relations and new media research, but I found UX design to be the one thing I would do even if I wouldn’t make money from it. My other passions are consumer tech, digital products, urban planning and video games.

Check out my article on the assetized monetization of modern video games ↓

sage journal cover
The Industry of Landlords

A.Bernevega & A.Gekker, 2021